Title AAT Tax Advisor & Business Consultant. 18-30K.
Salary 18/30K
Location SWUK, Cornwall & Devon.
Job Information
  • AAT Tax Advisor/Consultant, Wealth Management Corporation. UK-Nationwide.
  • 18-30K;
  • Career development opportunity;
  • Extensive UK travel;
  • Be part of a growing Wealth Management Consultancy team;
  • Future training opportunity as a Financial Consultant;
  • Future CTA study opportunity.

As a diligent Tax Professional, you’ll appreciate the complexities that small, medium and fast-growing entrepreneurial clients face.

Creating effective investments with aligned tax strategies is a complex task that requires skill, knowledge and intellectual ability.

As the ever-changing UK economic and political climate is likely to generate further developments to our regulatory and legislative tax regime.

Your role as a trusted and knowledgeable tax advisor/consultant becomes more important than ever. By staying on top of all new regulatory developments. You can provide the insight, advice and guidance that clients’ need to navigate securely through today’s UK financial investment system.

We are looking for Tax professionals that have:

  • In-depth technical financial accounting and tax knowledge;
  • Excellent client-relationship skills;
  • Intellectual rigour and stamina;
  • Want to be part of our clients developing UK investment network.
  • Work in cross-functional teams across borders, industries and professions.

We are able to offer you this exceptional career opportunity.  This job could open the door to lucrative consultancy work.  After study and hard work, you could earn a six figure salary, progress into management or corporate advisory.

You will work with a wide range of clients both locally and nation-wide. Assisting your customers to meet their complex business and investment ideals, in this not so simple financial regulatory arena.

Helping private individuals and small organisations to deliver operational improvements, can be very rewarding and satisfying work.

Every day is always different, when you advise your clients that work in so many different industries and professions.

Informing and advising how indirect and direct taxes impinge on their personal, investment policies, business accounting and financial systems.

You will be working closely with your clients, Identifying ways to align their tax position with our clients’ innovative portfolio of financial investments.  Coordinating their business strategy, in order to maintain a competitive, healthy financial advantage.

As part of our clients’ nationwide integrated team. You will identify tax and investment opportunities that are available to your clients that reduce their inherent tax-risk.

Additionally, these strategies will increase their financial investment portfolio and wealth.

Helping others to prosper and benefit, gains trust and respect.  Now in our eyes, that’s got to be a good thing.

For further details of this career opportunity please contact either:

Jonny Scott Slater, Zena Zennor or Ashley Armstrong.

Telephone 01872 274227.

Send your CV to – cornishexecutive@aol.com

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