Title IP Lawyer
Salary 50-160K
Location Cornwall – Devon
Job Information

IP Lawyer – Generalist
Innovative Law Firm
Remote Working Opportunity
Consultancy Opportunity Available

We are seeking to find experience in the following areas of IP law:
Experience in Patent Matters: these are territorial rights granted by governments to the creators, or subsequent owners, of new and inventive products or processes meeting the requirements of the relevant national patent legislation. They provide a temporary legal monopoly preventing others from making, selling and using the protected invention, or importing it into those countries where granted patent rights are held. If patent rights are infringed they can be enforced via the courts. Ideally we are seeking to find patent attorneys/lawyers – which can include former Patent Office examiners. An integral part of this job will be to guide clients through this complex area of law and help them secure and protect their competitive advantage.

Experience in Trade Marks: In their most basic form, trade marks are words, slogans or logos used to distinguish the goods or services of one person or company from those of another. They can be an incredibly valuable asset when looked after and deployed properly.

Experience in Registered Designs: These can be enforced against others using the same (or sufficiently similar) designs without permission, irrespective of whether copying is deliberate. Unregistered design rights can only be enforced if copying can be proven to be intentional and ownership of the rights can be proven. Registered designs can be obtained within a matter of days and maintained for up to 25 years whereas their unregistered counterparts in Europe and the UK last up to 3 years or 15 years, respectively. A European design registration is effective throughout the entire European Union.

Electrical Engineering IP Law: Ideally you will have the following electrical engineering IP law experience. Protecting the IP rights behind these advancements in Electrical Engineering is crucial: Computer technology, electrical machinery, and digital communication are some of the technological fields with the most increasing number of patent applications filed over the last few years. To keep pace with this fast-moving industry, our law firm client is commitment is to obtain the protection of their clients’ innovations to keep them one step ahead.

We are seeking to find experience in: The most remarkable development involving Intellectual Property for Electrical Engineering in recent years is the build of a Standard-Essential Patent (SEP) portfolio for wireless telecommunications standards, such as 3GPP LTE, 5G technology. However, building SEP portfolios are extremely complex, and hence the need for top-notch patent attorneys with a competitive edge.

If you have the experience and knowledge-bank of the above complex areas of this specialist region of law, please contact me.

Ashley Armstrong LLM