Title CEO, RF Engineer Director
Salary 200K+ Relocation Deal
Location Devon
Job Information


The client firm:
We are seeking to appoint an experienced RF Engineering Director for the position of CEO;
Electrical test and measurement component products;
SWUK Location an area of natural beauty;
Well priced local property market;
Close to coastal resort locations of outstanding natural beauty;
Export products globally;
Customers include communications, aerospace, research and defense contractors;
Dynamic R&D in-house;
Project management, consultancy and customised product manufacturer;
Established over 40 years;
Global reach;
World governments contractor;
Control the direction of the company;
Decide budgets for all departments;
Target and initiates business partnerships with other companies;
Drive the culture of the business;
Oversee employment and ensures there are enough staff (and the right people);
Manage Directors and Senior Managers;
Generate new business and gives approval of new projects;
Responsible for high-value day-to-day decisions;
Identify risks and ensures appropriate strategies are in place;
Ensure the correct practices are being met;
Attend board meetings and other presentations;
Drive profitability of the business.

We are seeking to find:
A senior executive, may have board experience.
Accountant FCCA;
Electrical Mechanical Engineer;
Senior RF Engineer;
Director RF Engineer;
Working at Kenetic;
Lawyer IP;
Gifted communicator;
Public speaking;
Media Savvy.

Dealing with a variety of tasks, mainly executive management involving corporate decision making. This is the chance to move into the commercial world working for a precision engineering company with global reach.

Jonny Scott-Slater
01872 274227 – 07724760904
CV2 cornishexecutive@aol.com
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