Title Employment Lawyer, Associate, Associate Partner.
Job Information

Employment Lawyers – Associates & Salaried Partner – 36/150K+ 

Our client, an expanding Law firm with AAA+ rated corporate expansion plans.

  • Three new offices planned for the immediate future.
  • All with large Employment Law departments
  • We are seeking a new dynamic overall Department Head and two trusty knowledgeable Associates
  • A definite career opportunity, for the ultra ambitious.
  • You should possess a client following that is transportable and loyal.

 Our Client has retained our search firm to find three key members for an expansion project that will create three new Employment law teams. 

Your currently an ambitious and hard working Employment Lawyer, possibly working in one of the following counties – Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire or Cornwall. You have had no more than two former employers and should be seeking a “progressive golden-step-up” in both terms of responsibility and future earnings potential. 

Our task is to recruit these three senior key members for the new initial lead employment team.  We are seeking to find an Associate/Salaried Partner, secondly two aspiring employment law Associates.  

Our ideal primary candidate will be an expert in “first point of client contact”.   An employment professional who really knows how to immediately win a new clients confidence, trust and interest in that first and very vital meeting.  Managing Directors, Business Owners and HR will have initial trust and faith in your sharp professional business acumen and employment law expertise.  

Knowing what to say, when to say and how to say it, are the three crucial key points on new account business capture.  It’s your business experience, commercial intelligence, charm and charisma that win these new accumulating corporate accounts and very importantly, retain all the existing business accounts securely.

The competition on the corporate highway is always molten white hot.    This is the territory where you excel; your confidence is now at an all time high and its time to seek change.  A change for the better, a change going one way and that’s up.  

We are seeking candidates that have substantial experience and expertise in Employment Law, Business Development and Marketing.  Additionally you will have the desire to build large employment teams at both of our clients Exeter and Bristol offices.  Show us your outstanding past, current business results and commercial achievements.  Management skills and new ideas for ultimate client customer service and we will open the locked door of opportunity for you. 

Our successful candidate will head up two large employment business teams, with the prospects to head a further third office in the future.  If you’re the ambitious Associate, vital career opportunities are going to be plenty; additionally the pace will be steaming hot, fast and furious.  

The ideal Employment law professionals will have solid respondent employment law experience.  Your expertise in Employment law will be precise and thorough.  

You will be  able to advise clients on both contentious and non contentious employment matters including –  Redundancy, Discrimination, Contractual Issues, Employees Rights, Employer Law Advice, Partnership Law, Commercial Agency Advice, Unfair Dismissal, Compromise Agreements, Contracts, Policies and Procedures, Employment Disputes, Tribunals, Termination of Employment, Compromise Agreements, Employee Benefits, Business Immigration, Restrictive Covenants, Team Moves, Injunctions, Merger and Acquisition complexities, Professional Negligence, Defamation, Bonus Disputes, Bullying and Harassment, Contracts, Discrimination at work, Dismissal, FSA Investigations, Grievance and Disciplinary Hearings, Maternity & Paternity Related Issues, Military Employment Claims, Part Time Workers, Privacy at Work, Professional Discipline, Whistle blowing and Senior Executive.  These are all categories of employment law work that your clients need intricate, vital assistance and guidance with.  

Applications are invited on a nationwide basis, especially from the counties of Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Cornwall. 

Please telephone 01872 274227  – post@cornwallexecutive.co.uk  and we will assist you in a private and confidential manner. 

Ask for either Jonny Scott-Slater or Ashley Armstrong.