Title Executive International Casino, Floor Managers – VIP Gaming Operations, South West Coast, South America, Chili – 150/250 USD.
Job Information

Executive Floor Managers – VIP Gaming Operations, South West Coast, South  America, Chile – 150/250K USD.

Discretionary Bonus, Motor Vehicle, Security Gated Accommodation, Family Medical Insurance & Children’s Private Education Allowance.

  • Currently employed in the Gaming Industry
  • Business Graduate MBA, or Certified Accountant
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish languages
  • Future Casino Director Designates.

Our valued client, an international casino and gaming business which is part of a large international consortium corporation seek to appoint the above gaming professionals.

The vacant positions have occurred through a planned future promotion scheme, scheduled for 2014.

We are seeking to find two very ambitious graduate MBA gaming professionals who speak both English and Spanish fluently.

Ideally you will be a business graduate with a numerical degree pass of the highest order. Our client would also like to see an additional business qualification such as MBA or professional certified accountancy paper.

Our ideal candidate will be very self assured, possess high levels of confidence and have excellent F2F negotiation skills.

Having spent some time in the gaming industry you should be looking for your second career move.  Ideally be aged 26-35, be highly ambitious and wish to work for a firm, looking for future Director Designate candidates.

Our client is looking to appoint two Graduate MBA gaming professionals for their operations based on the South West Coast of Southern America, destination – Chili.


Spending at least three successful years in the above appointment, you can expect to be earning in excess of US$ 250,000 plus annual bonus and corporate benefits of the highest order.

Job Specification.

Be part of the international management team that runs all financial casino business operations.

Learning – developing knowledge base and skills concerning high level VIP gaming,  personal/business security, floor &  table management, regulations, compliance, risk management procedures, accounting, cash, marketing and business development.

Attend in/out-house training courses and seminars.  Make presentations to the board of directors as and when required.

Participate in working shifts as directed by the Shift General Operations Manager.

Gaming Floor Shift work includes – Circulate among gaming tables to ensure that operations are conducted properly, that dealers follow house rules, and that players are not cheating.

Direct the distribution of complimentary casino accommodation rooms, meals, and other discounts or free items given to players based on their length of play and betting totals.

Manage  workers compiling summary sheets that show wager amounts and payoffs for special races, games and events.

Establish policies on issues such as the type of gambling offered and the odds, the extension of credit.

Maintain familiarity with all games used at a facility, as well as strategies and tricks employed in those games.

Monitor credit extended to players.  Monitor staffing levels to ensure that games and tables are adequately staffed for each shift, arranging for staff rotations and breaks, and locating substitute employees as necessary.

Prepare work schedules and station assignments, and keep attendance records.  Resolve customer complaints regarding problems such as payout errors.

Review operational expenses, budget estimates, betting accounts, and collection reports for accuracy.

Set and maintain a bank and table limit for each game.

Track supplies of money to tables, and perform any required paperwork.

Explain and interpret house rules, such as game rules and betting limits to customers when required.

Notify board attendants of table vacancies so that waiting VIP and selected customers can play.

Record, collect, and pay off bets, issuing receipts as necessary.

Remove suspected cheaters, such as card counters and other players who may have systems that shift the odds of winning to their favour.

Assist with the training of  new special security and floor workers and evaluate their performance.

Manage the michelin star food and beverages service and enhance as neccessary.

Work closely with Marketing Director and Business Creation Team on special projects.

Spend time in accounts and concierge to learn intricate facets of the business.

Please send in your CV with Photo to post@cornwallexecutive.co.uk

Telephone 0044 1872 274227 GMT during office hours

UK – 01872 274227, ask for Jonny Scott Slater, Ashley Armstrong or (Zena Zennor, Global Account Executive).