Title Financial Advisor
Salary 75K+
Location Cornwall, Devon, Somerset – SWUK
Job Information

Financial Advisor

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset – SWUK

75-175K ++ OTE

Basic Salary 30K+

Relocating candidates invited UK-nationwide.


We are seeking to appoint for our clients a professional financial advisor, who can offer expert advice on suitable mortgages, loans, investments, insurance, tax and private pensions.  A professional advisor that can provide a valuable service to clients and companies in the SWUK.

We are interested in talking to a financial advisor that can provide customers with accurate information, engineer and broker bespoke deals that will enable them to make an educated choice that suits their specific financial requirements. Our ideal financial advisor will need to maintain transparent regarding all financial and contract details and be able to liaise with service providers with extreme accuracy.

Our ideal applicant will possess a background in the business  or a related industry as well as possessing FSA certification in financial planning. You will need to be need to be self-motivated and numeric,  have good communication and organisational skills.  Have the drive to always answer your phone in order to broke deals when the opportunity arises.  Familiarity with data input and all relevant  Microsoft packages is required.

What we are seeking to find:

Our professional financial advisor will understand  fiscal issues and will be able to provide guidance to our highly valued clients  A smart advisor will be able to  research, analyse, forecast, sell financial products, develop strategies, prepare reports and perform many other fiscal related activities.

Ideally we are seeking to locate a candidate that is a member of the Society for Financial Advisors (MSFA) or possesses a Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP).

If you have many years of service in the financial industry or an excellent record of accomplishment you are exactly what we are looking for.  You will be an expert in your field and will have the expertise and experience of tasks listed below.

• Performing in-depth products and client analysis;
• Meeting client requirements;
• Developing fiscal measures;
• Advising clients professionally;
• Researching information related to financial products;
• Selling financial products with high levels of expertise;
• Communicating with financial services providers;
• Following market trends;
• Reporting on fiscal matters.

Experience and skills sought;

• Understanding complex information;
• Analysing financial data;
• Team building;
• Collaboration;
• Consistency;
• Proficiency;
• Professionalism;
• Adaptability;
• Research and analysis;
• Client confidentiality;
• Listening and communication;
• Record keeping;
• Using todays specialist electronic and technological equipment and software applications;
• Being trustworthy.


Financial Advisor should have no less than a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Degrees in Economics, Statistics, Accounting or Mathematics are also acceptable. Other certifications that may be relevant to this position include:
•    FPC 1, 2 and 3;
•    CAS;
•    QCA Level 4;
•    CII Diploma in Financial Planning;
•    Advanced Diploma or Associate’s Degree;
•    Possibly ACA/ ACCA;
•    Possibly MBA;
•    Post-graduate Degree.


Please speak to: Jonny Scott-Slater or Joey Polperro;

Telephone 01872 274227

Mail your CV2 – cornishexecutive.co.uk

Confidentiality is assured at all times;

Applications are invited UK-nationwide.