Title Senior Executive Recruiters – African Nations
Salary Excellent++
Location UK, Miami, Nairobi
Job Information
  • Executive Recruiters – African Nations
  • Recruitment Managers x 2
  • Executive Recruiters x 40

South Africa, Central Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Ughanda, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Zambia, Cape Verde, Republic & Togo, just to name a few.

African Nations is an emerging business market that is in desperate need of Executive talent in Industrial, Commercial Manufacturing, Scientific, Medical and Hospitality sectors. The African Nations consist of countries that are listed both above and below. Some of the wealthiest global corporates have their main business operations based in such a vast expansive nation.

De Beers the premier name in the diamond business with other top brands such as Nokia, Ford and Coca Cola  just to name a few.  The wealthy corporate client list is endless, all requiring experienced Executive staff that can only derive from the America’s Europe and Asia.

We are seeking to build a team of executive recruiters that will combine and become DCER-Africa Nations.

Ideally you will be a working Professional/Graduate/Executive in industry/commerce or currently working in the recruitment business. We are very keen to talk to professionals looking for a second very interesting job where can earn you an extra US$ 80,000 + a year.  Working this career opportunity as your second and very lucrative job/income can be appealing for many reasons.

We are very interested in talking to Black American/Black European applicants, who wish to work and link with the people of the emerging markets of the African Nations.  We are also interested in speaking to other nationalities that are interested in business and wish to connect with the African Nations both culturally and spiritually.

Full training will be given to newcomers to the business, keep your current job and work for us as your secondary career/income.  An executive that is currently working for a large corporate such as Coco Cola or Nestle is an ideal candidate.  The financial rewards can move into the six figure region, we are the highest paying recruitment firm in Europe the America’s and Asia.

A specialist website is in planning stage and will be built for our executive recruiters to use.  We are also planning to open an office situated in Nairobi.

We have  recently appointed a Senior Black-Caribbean British recruiter is now heading up this new global business.  DCER – African Nations welcomes applicants of any nationality, based in any country world-wide.

If you have a connection with any of the African Nations and wish to assist in building this global region, this is the opportunity.

South Africa, Central Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Zambia, Cape Verde, Central African Republic & Togo, just to name a few.

This job will consist of Strategy, Marketing, Economics, Sales and Travel.

  • For an explorative discussion please contact: Jonny Scott-Slater or Ashley Armstrong;
  • Telephone: International – 0044 1872 274227, UK – 01872 274227, US 954 378 9414;
  • Mail CV2 – DCERsearch@aol.com
  • Confidentiality is assured at all times.