Title Civil Commercial Litigation Associate Lawyer
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Location Cornwall
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Civil/Commercial Litigation Associate Lawyer +;
10 PEQ+;
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One of our prestigious law firm clients is seeking to appoint an Associate/Lawyer to work as a generalist litigator, both commercial and civil cases. Ideally we/our client are seeking an Associate with 10 PQE+. Our selected lawyer should feel comfortable taking depositions and difficult handling hearings. Possess a successful trial and commercial record

General/Commercial Litigation – Lawyers, Associates and future Designate Partners.

Through experience you have learnt that business disputes often involve partners, shareholders, customer or other separate business entities, based mainly locally, but sometimes at nationwide locations. Civil disputes can involve many sorts of case from property through to collection of debts.

Business disputes range anywhere from contract disputes to tort claims. Frequently, business disputes can be resolved prior to the filing of a formal complaint through negotiations/ADR.

As an ambitious and tenacious lawyer you are always pleased to assist clients, in a wide-range of business/civil matters, including, some of the categories listed below in our list of dispute cases. Working as a business/civil dispute lawyer you’re going to come across complex cases. When the stakes and risks are high, you know that you must perform to succeed.

In addition to your courtroom skills, you have also achieved dramatic wins for you valued local clients using Mediation/ADR. Your knowledge of the law and litigation enables you to quickly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a case and size up the opposition.

A professional secret that you know is that case can be won, by using clever strategy in the courtroom or mediation office. This will dictate the value of the settlement for your client, and this business, it’s all about the settlement and winning. You’re the sort of lawyer that acts quickly and decisively to minimise your client’s financial risk. That’s the name of the game, and let’s faces it; you’re a winning Associate with a list of valued clients that a new employer law firm would really like to acquire.

We are seeking civil/commercial litigation lawyer currently working as an Associate, who is looking for their next career move. There is a lot of action here in the South West and as one of the most desirable locations in the UK, need we say more….

You have experience working with your clients tackling  their problems, either through mediation practice, or battling it out in the courtroom.


Below is a list of Business Dispute categories; you have worked in some of these sectors.

  • Anti-Competitive Behaviour;
  • Antitrust Litigation;
  • Market and Trade;
  • Merger and Control;
  • Public Procurement;
  • Breach of Contract;
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty;
  • Interference with Prospective Clients;
  • Breach of Express and Implied Warranties;
  • Trade Secrets and Business Confidentiality;
  • Embezzlement/internal audits Trademark and Copyright Infringement;
  • Vendor Disputes;
  • Franchise Litigation;
  • Partnership Disputes;
  • Business Merger Disputes;
  • Joint Venture Disputes;
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution;
  • Administrative Law;
  • Agriculture Law;
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Controlled Substances law;
  • Aviation Law;
  • Banking Law;
  • Communications Law;
  • Education Law;
  • Food and Drugs Law;
  • Media Law;
  • Sports Law;
  • Trade Regulation Law;
  • IT and Telecommunications Contacts;
  • Legal Malpractice;
  • Shareholder Freeze-Out and Squeeze-Out Litigation;
  • Business Fraud;
  • Business Disputes in Divorce;
  • Real Estate Litigation;
  • Franchise Litigation;
  • Consumer Fraud Defence;
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements;
  • Real Estate Contracts;
  • Business Sales and Mergers Agreements;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Investment and Capital Agreements;
  • Noncomplete Agreements;
  • Disputes over Fair market Value;
  • Class Action defence;
  • Non-Competition Agreements;
  • Internet Trademark Infringement and Product Disparagement ;
  • Trademark Infringement and Product Disparagement;
  • Wrongful Termination of Franchisees or Distributors;
  • Resolving Disputes Outside of Court;
  • Emergency Commercial Litigation;
  • Preliminary Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders;
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty;
  • Minority Shareholder and Partnership Rights;
  • Shareholder, Member and Partner Disputes With Management;
  • Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing;
  • Excessive Management Compensation;
  • Unfair Buy-Out Agreements;
  • Failure to Pay Dividends or Distributions, or Adequate Dividends or Distributions;
  • Corporate, or Partnership Deadlock, Freeze-Out or Squeeze-Out Disputes;
  • Shareholder, Board Member or Partnership Appraisal Rights;
  • Stolen Trade Secret Claims;
  • Stolen Trade-Mark and Intellectual Property Claims;
  • Stolen Corporate Opportunity Claims.


Your experience involving Breach of Contract work:

• The rules of contract interpretation may vary. As the smart Associate you know the litigious way forward, your client’s business has been damaged as a result of a breach of contract and you can already smell the sweet success of the settlement.
• As a busy lawyer you have been involved in many contract disputes. You know the best way to protect your client’s rights and protect their business. Give good advice, plan the case, quietly estimate costs, inform your client about the high points, also the low points. Additionally the safest way forward which could include ADR practice, and proceed.
• Depending on the facts of your case, you the lawyer will always be able to help. Your client may seek financial damages or a specific performance of a contract term. In most cases, you will also be able to recover reasonable costs and your large fee associated with the breach of contract lawsuit.
• As a business and commercial litigation lawyer you have legal experience and are always pleased to assist clients involved in a breach of contract dispute. You handle all phases of breach of contract disputes including pre-claim demands, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial.
• You’re trusted by private HNI’s, small and large corporations, both local and national, to effectively resolve business disputes.
• You have defended some of the most respected local corporations, business tycoons, have also gone toe-to-toe with fierce opposition whether defending or prosecuting we’d like to hear about your track record and exceptional damages-settlement history.

Shareholder Freeze-Out and Squeeze-Out Litigation.
When your client’s that are owners of businesses can’t agree, litigation is sometimes a necessary solution and the only way forward.

Your experience working as a trial lawyer, equips you with the experience and skill; when prosecuting or defending clients in shareholder or member of partnership disputes. Some of these cases involve businesses of varying sizes, including businesses worth considerable sums of money.

Whether through litigation or mediation, you work with the business owners, forensic accountants, business valuators and certified fraud examiners to achieve a successful outcome.
You have substantial experience working with outside experts to present the evidence in a manner that wins in the courtroom or forces a settlement that favours your client’s financial interests.

As a successful attorney you have represented clients in complex shareholder, partnership and company membership disputes.

Representing your valued clients, you have assisted with prosecution or defending cases such as:
• Breach of Fiduciary;
• Duty Claims;
• Shareholder,
• Member or Partner Freeze-Out;
• Squeeze-Out Claims;
• Stolen Corporate Opportunity Claims;
• Excessive Compensation Claims;
• Claims involving Misappropriation of Corporate, or Partnership Assets;
• Failure to Pay Dividends or Distributions;
• Regulatory.

Identification with our job description means that you are the sort of associate that we would really like to represent and show to our clients.

Please make contact with us and send in your CV.

Only with your permission we will send your CV-document to our client.

They will then want to meet with you, to discuss your career options.

Contact either Jonny Scott-Slater or Ashley Armstrong
Telephone – 01872 274227;
Mail your CV to – cornwallexecutive@aol.com
Confidentiality is always assured.