Title Head of Employment Law, Green Field Site, Ideal for an Associate looking for progression. 70-160K + Bonus.
Location SWUK, Cornwall & Devon.
Job Information

Head of Employment Law;

70-160K + Benefits;

Green field site;

Build the team;

Ideal for an Associate to progress.

We have been retained to find a new Head of Employment Law.  This is an excellent opportunity for a professional to make quick career progression.

An opportunity that could lead to a slight opening of the Door to Partnership.

Ideally we are seeking a lawyer who has knowledge of some of the following advisory and work categories.

Compromise Agreements;

Director departures;

Tax on termination of employment;

Advice on compromise agreements;

Compromise agreements – financial services;

Review of compromise agreements for directors and executives;

Advising on employment restrictions, references and payment terms;

Bonuses, pay, commission, incentives, shares and options;

Employment litigation in the Employment Tribunal if necessary to resolve the employment dispute;

Expert in constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination law;

Dismissal from Employment;


Constructive dismissal;

Unfair dismissals;

Gross misconduct;

Advising on winning unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and redundancy claims and compromise agreements;

Drafting employment grievances and dealing with disciplinarians, performance management claims, appeals and processes;

Resolving dismissal from employment disputes effectively under settlement agreements and compromise agreements;

Review of employment restrictions following dismissal and references;

Bonus Incentives;

Bonus Payments;

Review of bonus plans, incentives, commissions and employment contracts in conjunction with performance targets and pay cuts;

Review of the use of discretion and performance targets or other factors considered in a bonus award or share award;

Resolving bonus disputes and employment law disputes effectively to avoid expensive employment law litigation;

Resolving bonus incentive pay, commissions and other payments from employment under constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal, redundancy or discrimination at work employment claims;

Review of equity incentives, share options and other share awards including retention and claw back clauses;

Employment Contracts;

Changes to contracts;

Internationally mobile employees;

Post termination restrictions;

Shares and options;

Review of employment contracts and agreements for directors;

Review of employment restrictions and restrictions on termination of employment, notice periods, holiday pay and restraint of trade; clauses

Tactics for settling employment disputes and review of compromise agreements for employees and directors;

Review of constructive dismissal, unfair dismissal and redundancy claims;

Discrimination at Work;

Sex discrimination;

Race discrimination;

Age discrimination;

Disability discrimination;

Equal pay;

Review of discrimination at work claim relating to race discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination or age discrimination;

Review of the strengths and weaknesses of a discrimination law case and advice on the steps involved in pursuing a discrimination law claim;

Dealing with discrimination on grounds of nationality and cases involving British employees being discriminated against by foreign employers;

Tactics for resolving discrimination disputes out of court to save costs with discrimination law employment litigation if necessary;

Review of compromise agreements which include settlement of discrimination claims;

Whistle Blowing;


Review of the whistle blowing claim and advice on procedures and employment law protections;

Review of whistle blowing investigations, disciplinarians and whistle blowing grievances with practical advice on how to run these;

Dealing with dismissals and detriments suffered following a whistle blowing claim;

Reviewing policies and procedures, evidence and tactics for solving whistle blowing allegations;

Employment law litigation with emphasis on resolving the whistle blowing issues without litigation;


Review of the employment dispute and evaluation of a potential employment law claim;

Experienced in redundancy law, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and breach of contract claims for pay, bonuses and commissions, discrimination law and equal pay;

Advice on disciplinarians and grievances and how to use them to best advantage;

Liaising with insurance companies for employees with legal expenses insurance;

Review of evidence, witnesses, processes and the likely litigation road map;

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