Title Energy Telecom Public Utilities, Lawyer
Salary 60/350K++
Location Exeter, Bristol, C.London Offices.
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Energy, Telecom + Public Utilities, Senior Associate/Designate Partner;


Exeter, Bristol & London Offices;

Prominent Career progression;

Ideal for the ambitious;

Top relocation opportunity;

Candidate applications invited both UK Nationwide and World-Wide.

Our law firm client is seeking to appoint the above lawyer and business professional. Business Development will be an important function of this role and when meeting our client you will be asked to provide a portfolio of documentation validating your success in this growing and very important commercial sector.  You could be working for a law firm based in any world-wide city, although applications are very keenly invited UK nationwide. The following is all about the role and the industry and what we expect our candidate to know and be able to do for our UK law firm client.

The Public Utility Commission/Regulatory is responsible for protecting electric and telecommunications ratepayers from unduly high rates in the absence of competition, and licensing the construction of new transmission lines. In areas where electric or telecommunications companies have a monopoly, the Public Utility Commission/Regulatory is often the only institution that can hold a public utility’s drive for profit in check for the benefit of consumers. But in these highly complex and political cases, public utilities will attempt to circumvent that responsibility and place their shareholders’ interests as a higher priority than their ratepayers. Our law firm client represents a cross-section of clients including corporates and municipal governments on behalf of ratepayers in litigation against public utilities in a range of electric and telecommunications law issues. Whether a public utility is seeking to raise electric rates due to increased expenses, or construct an above-ground transmission line through a residential area – thereby decreasing the property value of the affected neighbourhoods – our law firm client assists municipal governments seek the best possible outcome for their constituents.

In natural gas distribution, municipal government may find that a proposed rate increase is not warranted and unfair to ratepayers. While public utilities can devote a staggering amount of resources to litigation, municipal governments have strict limitations in seeking representation on behalf of ratepayers, so effective counsel is not enough. Counsel must also be cost-efficient to achieve real success for municipal government and its constituents. Our law firm client understands that in issues regarding rates and regulations, cost is the overriding concern. To that end, our law firm client will accomplish as much as possible within the limits of their clients’ resources. For municipal governments that wish to regulate a water utility’s proposed rate increase or certification. Our law firm client provides experienced and cost-effective counsel across the entire spectrum of water law issues. They have represented numerous clients at the higher courts Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and have a strong reputation among both individuals at the commission and at the state legislative level. Exhaustive subject-matter knowledge and familiarity with Commission officials makes for effective regulatory litigation.

Whether a municipal government seeks to effectively manage wastewater treatment or defend against a denial of rate increases, our law firm client helps seek a cost-effective resolution to water law issues. Our law firm client administrates these cases at every point in the legal process, from initial litigation at the regulatory level to the appeals process if necessary. Public utilities’ drive for profit can harm ratepayers’ interests in a monopolised market. Sometimes litigation is not enough. our client can win a case only to find that new legislation has made the victory a moot point. Our client always takes a big-picture approach to public utilities law to facilitate a case’s long term success. Simply deciding when to raise an issue with a regulatory agency can be a strategic decision, but it is often necessary to go a step further and deal with the issue at the legislative level before entering the courtroom.

Our law firm client provides a pragmatic and effective legislative representation services to clients across the Southern UK for more than 15 years. Their comprehensive knowledge of public utilities law and our professional reputation among lawmakers can be valuable assets to your case. Our law firm client is wholly accountable to our clients and trusted by lawmakers to follow our word. Whether their clients need assistance with bill drafting or introducing amendments into a proposed bill, our clients’ lawyers/ attorneys are ready and able to assist with any legislative representation issue their clients face. Our law firm’s lawyers/attorneys represent public utility and energy clients in every phase of providing electric, natural gas, and pipeline services. Our laws utility clients range from large gas and electric utilities to small providers. The services that our law firm client renders to its utility and energy clients include:

  • All matters involving the Public Service Commission’s regulation of Public Utilities;
  • Rate Case and other Regulatory Compliance Litigation;
  • Formation of Utilities and Holding Companies;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity;
  • Financings;
  • Siting and Environmental Permitting;
  • Rulemaking Proceedings and Waiver Requests;
  • Litigation and Appellate Representation in State and Federal Courts;
  • Diversification into Unregulated Business;
  • Representation of Alternate Electric Service Providers;
  • Power Purchase Agreements;
  • Gas Purchase Contracts;
  • Franchises;
  • Legislative Advocacy and Lobbying;
  • Condemnation.

Telecommunications Law

Our law firm’s client’s lawyers/attorneys regularly represent telecommunication providers before the Public Service Commission/Regulatory, all courts, and other regulatory bodies. Our law firm client’s telecommunications attorneys have set many precedents involving telecommunication issues, and regularly give presentations to telecommunication associations and conferences. Additionally, our client’s telecommunications attorneys often serve as local counsel at the request of far-away companies. Our client law firm counsels a diverse base of clients in the highly specialized, ever-evolving telecommunications industry, including Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Interexchange Carriers (IXCs), Competitive Access Providers (CAPs), Cable Providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The following is a representative list of the matters that you will be expected to know about and have work experience in:

  • Cable Franchising
  • Customer Complaint cases
  • Formation of Entities, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Interconnection Agreements
  • Inter-carrier Compensation Disputes
  • Legislative/Lobbying
  • Licensing
  • Advanced and complex Litigation
  • Rate Applications;
  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • Right-of-Way Issues;
  • RTB/RUS and Co-Bank Loans;
  • Rulemaking Proceedings;
  • Tariffs;
  • Total Service Long Run Incremental Cost (TSLRIC) Studies;
  • Universal Service Issues;
  • Appellate Representation in State and Federal Courts;
  • Litigation and other forms of dispute resolution, contract negotiation and regulatory compliance counselling;
  • Rate cases and other rate-setting proceedings;
  • Regulatory proceedings to determine the form of future regulation;
  • Applications for approval of merger or change of control;
  • Petitions for authorization to transfer utility property;
  • Comments on proposed regulations;
  • Litigation regarding disputes involving utilities, including price discrimination matters;
  • Right-of-way dispute resolution;
  • Service extension agreements.

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