Title Property Lawyer, Property Litigation, Contentious and Non Contentious work, 30/120K++
Salary 30-120K++
Location SWUK
Job Information
  • Property Lawyer SWUK;
  • Property Litigation;
  • 2-10PQE+
  • Contentious and Non Contentious work;
  • Seaside office location;
  • 30-120K+
  • Active case load;
  • Client following ideal;
  • Prospects for a practice builder;
  • Applications invited to both local and nationwide candidates.

Effectively managing operational real estate is an issue of strategic importance and can provide the foundation for future growth. With vast experience in acting for both tenants and landlords, our law firm client has a real understanding of the issues their clients face in managing real estate and anticipating operational future requirements.  Our law firm client specialises in acting for private and SME business clients, a few financial institutions, quite a few larger SW based corporates, a data centre, office matters, and have advised on some of the most significant property deals executed in the local SWUK market..

In particular, our law firm client assists with:

  • Negotiation of heads of terms and agreements to lease;
  • Negotiation and agreement of commercial leases and all supporting documentation;
  • Exit issues relating to existing premises;
  • Construction issues regarding fit-out by the landlord and/or tenant.
  • Underpinning our client’s advice is an unrelenting focus on ensuring the best possible commercial terms for their valued clients.

Our client lawyers work closely with their private and corporate clients to identify provisions that could pose risks within a chosen strategy. These include financial obligations such as rent review, insurance and repair obligations. Having established whether the risk is reasonable, taking into account the market and other commercial factors, our client law firm works to agree the approach and mitigating factors that should be adopted in order to manage the risk.

A material disruption to their clients business from the perspective of a landlord or tenant is likely to impact their client’s economically. Our law firm clients team’s prior experience of leading similar wide-ranging assignments and working with other professional advisers means that their rigorous approach to assignment and project management allows their client’s day-to-day business operations to continue smoothly. Whether our law firm client is acting on relatively simple low-ticket property development construction scheme or a more highly technical project, they always incorporate a pragmatic and commercial approach.  Our client specialises in domestic construction and smaller engineering projects such as:

  • Office construction;
  • A local firm’s new headquarters,
  • A minor country shopping center development,
  • County energy project;
  • Infrastructure project;
  • PFI/PPP work;
  • Finance;
  • Insolvencies;
  • Insurance contracts;
  • Claims analysis;
  • Contentious work.

This commercial experience allows our SWUK law firm client an excellent understanding of the wide spectrum of issues that arise across various sectors. They work closely with procurement and project delivery managers; ensuring all solutions meet their property developer clients’ requirements, at every step of the way. Our client’s lawyers draft and amend building contracts, consultancy agreements, warranties and performance securities – such as bonds and guarantees – to ensure adequate rights of recourse; they are well versed in the construction-related legal issues that their clients’ are likely to encounter.

Businesses need lawyers who know the market, understand the commerciality of issues, as well as the law, and will give advice tailored to a particular business need. Our  law firm client is recognised as a leading SWUK real estate litigation practice with an outstanding reputation for handling complex ad hoc and commercial property and planning disputes, acting on pivotal cases for a wide range of clients – from local government bodies, business private clients, property developers, estate agents and local SWUK corporate concerns. Our law firm clients emphasis is on providing pragmatic advice tailored to specific private and commercial property situations, which makes our client  the natural choice for all local property litigation work whether private or corporate client driven. Work relating to a wide variety of property types, including:  Property development sites, hotel construction – refurbishment or harbour-side marina development projects. Our law firm client takes time and care to fully understand their clients’ businesses and the wider local property market.

Our client law firm’s valued property clients also benefit from specialised pre-emptive commercial advice, which flags up potential future problems. As a first step, our law firm client tries to avoid disputes, thus containing all costs. When unavoidable, our client has to use court proceedings or other dispute resolution procedures to achieve their clients objectives.  We are looking for a legal profession with solid and wide-ranging contentious property experience. Ideally you should thorough knowledge and experience of the property market and all types of property associated dispute resolution procedures accompanied by previous case knowledge. This will be discussed at you preliminary meeting, either with us or our law firm client. You may have experience in managing slightly complex multi-party disputes. This could have involved working closely with other real estate lawyers, insolvency specialists and project finance lawyers. You should be adapt in providing clients with creative legal solutions to their business problems, right up to conclusion of a project or dispute.

Our ideal property lawyer client candidate should have some knowledge of real estate tax-effective legal solutions/advice and be able to semi-consult private and commercial clients. Our law firm clients, partners and associates are not just skilled in general real estate matters. They also have wide experience of indirect real estate acquisitions, negotiating corporate-style documentation and providing advice on joint ventures and structuring that is drafted in correct and professional real estate context.

We would be very interested to locate for our law firm client a Key Senior Associate that could give advice involving  looking at the associated corporate, financing and tax aspects of any property or commercial transaction. Our law firm client has HNI private clients that instruct corporate acquisitions (both onshore and offshore) to maximise tax their efficiency. Ideally we are looking for a Senior Associate or future Partner that can negotiate these share or unit sale and purchase agreements. Astute tax and structuring advice in the context of real estate transactions is critically important to more complex real estate investors.

Our chosen Senior Associate or property lawyer will have experience to advise on structuring both domestic and cross-border real estate transactions. Our law firm client acts for a variety of market participants on real estate investments, securitisations, joint ventures, limited partnerships, fund establishment (both cross-border and domestic), IPOs of real estate companies, leasing structures and mergers and acquisitions in the real estate sector.

To apply for this career position please contact Jonny Scott-Slater or Ashley Armstrong.

Telephone – 01872 274227

CV2 – cornishexecutive@aol.com

Confidentiality is always assured.