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Construction lawyer – 5-10PQE+

Our client is the leading West Country law practice with a specialist and renowned construction and property department that deals with disputes that arise in the construction business throughout the UK and overseas.

Alternative dispute resolution such as adjudication, arbitration and mediation are all part of the key vital legal knowledge-weaponry that we are searching for. High powered litigation is very apparent in this area of construction business law, with projects running into multi-millions of Pounds or Euros.  Litigation, quite frankly remains a fundamental, very valuable key fee earning mechanism, in this special unique golden-leaf-painted corner of commercial law The possible monumental and accumulated legal costs of the disputes are not to be under estimated.

When walking or driving ten or twenty miles through both urban-suburban territories, you will always find building construction projects.   What is building construction? It’s not just a creative project; it’s a business and a large complex one too.

Our law firm client always looks for all opportunities to achieve settlement by way of negotiation or mediation at the earliest point in each case.  You will be working in a team that understands the construction business and they are experts in important, relevant and current issues; Additionally all the laws that govern this jungle infested economic landscape.

Our law firm client receives instructions from small, medium to large sized property developers, government agencies and building contractors who expect their chosen lawyers to understand all complex construction, planning and problem issues.  Commercial construction cases could involve litigation, in areas such as: – Professional negligence – (solicitors, accountants, architects and surveyors) sub-contract disputes, partnership/shareholder disputes, matters arising out of confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements.

Your current or future clients will range from employers, contractors, sub-contractors, architects and insurers.  You will be no stranger to specialist arbitration, adjudication, mediation, courts, county courts and the Technology and Construction Court (TCC).

Arbitration is a well known feature within construction law and has traditionally been the favoured method resolving disputes in the building industry.  It is critical that if a party is engaged in a dispute involving arbitration.  That the client receives first class advice at the earliest possible stage; to ensure compliance with the rules of the game also the stringent regulations,  ensuring that no opportunity of settlement is missed.  If arbitration proceeds to a hearing, then our client’s client requires the highest level of representation.  Arbitration is an area that we seek good administration, working skills and experience. Successful settlement gets new high value client recommendations.  Whether it be – Commercial Landlord & Tenant, Payment disputes, Delay and disruption, or construction matters including remedial works and interpretation of contractual terms.

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR – Informal, inexpensive and positively encouraged by the courts.  ADR is the primary choice for disputing parties in commercial construction cases.  Our client would like to see some good thorough experience and successful work involving all types of ADR.

Adjudication – Introduced in 1998 by the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as an alternative to court proceedings.   Adjudication offers clients’ a quick informal way of resolving disputes that arise out of construction contracts binding on the parties, unless and until challenged in court or arbitration.  With decisions made within 28 days of the case being referred to an independent adjudicator, this is a great option for settlement.  The 28 day limit means organisation and research is prime for success.  Defendants may have to prepare a defence for a major claim, very quickly.  Whilst claimants need to be ready to deal with a substantial defence at very short notice.  We will also be looking for success and knowledge in this vital and useful region of construction law work.

Mediation is a popular form of ADR.  Successful, allows parties to settle disputes and often preserves business relationships.  Courts want mediation to occur, or clients can face the prospect of an adverse costs ruling, if the dispute reaches litigation. There have been a number of cases which have resulted in costs penalties imposed on the refusal or resistance to mediation.  We must see a good level of expertise in mediation, especially from more senior candidates.  Mediation experience may have included  – Sub-contract disputes, solicitors professional negligence, breach of confidence and non-solicitation, shareholder disputes, defects claim – buildings construction and design liability.

We are seeking to find for our Law Firm client a successful Construction Lawyer, 5-10 PQE+

Who can bring to our clients –


Track record of case wins

A client base

In return you will receive a salary package matching half of your annual fee billings.

Please telephone either Jonny Scott Slater or Ashley Armstrong – 01872 274227.