Title Litigation/Construction Lawyer Associate
Salary 30/80K
Location SWUK, Cornwall & Devon.
Job Information

Litigation/Construction Lawyer/Associate 30-80K

Cornwall/Devon Law firm;

Dispute Resolution focus;

Building and Construction Disputes Team.

Our client is actively seeking to appoint an ambitious lawyer with 2-6 PQE+ for its Construction Law/Litigation Group.

Prior litigation practice and work experience working within Construction Law is preferred.  We are seeking a lawyer who has career ambition and will always cover the extra mile when representing clients.

If you are looking for a Designate Partner career opportunity then our client would also be very interested in looking at your CV. Your client following will be very appreciated.

The following work experience is eagerly sought:

To pursue and defend claims in relation to building and construction work.   Your currently working for a law firm in the Building and Construction Disputes Team.

Substantial experience advising and conducting litigation is the work experience that our clients are ideally looking for.

Listed below is building and construction work that will be familiar to you:

  • Remedial work;
  • Work that has not been completed on time;
  • Overcharging for the work undertaken;
  • No written contract in place;
  • Monetary refunds.

Work experience will include giving advice and representing your clients in legal proceedings.

Representing international clients in building and construction disputes will also be very highly desirable.

Court work in both County and Magistrates Courts will be extremely interesting to our clients.

Additionally non-litigation dispute resolution systems: – Arbitration, adjudication, mediation work experience will also of great interest to our client.

Your valued clients will be construction companies, firms and developers of all sizes, including:

  • Commercial builders;
  • Residential builders;
  • Main contractors;
  • Sub-contractors;
  • Employers;
  • Developers;
  • Architects;
  • Surveyors.

Alternative Dispute Resolution often proves a cost-effective and an efficient means of resolving disputes, without the need to commence court proceedings.

Our clients will be looking for case work experience within ADR.

Seeking to establish lines of communication between the parties at an early stage. Also to explore the possibility of attempting to resolve the dispute, by way of Alternative Dispute Resolution is always considered a good option, from your client’s perspective.

Your ADR experience would include:

  • Chairing or attending round-table meetings between the parties;
  • Mediation procedures;
  • Arbitration;
  • Adjudication;
  • Preparation and exchange of experts;
  • Preparing reports;
  • Counselling meetings of experts.

As a tenacious attorney with in-depth experience, you are aware that Dispute-Resolution is a very desirable way to proceed when faced with the reality of a rather winding and complex case.

As an acutely ambitious attorney, you will have wide-ranging experience of representing clients in:

  • Arbitrations;
  • Litigation in the County Courts;
  • High Court;
  • Technology and Construction Court.

You will be committed to assisting your clients in effectively,  by navigating the complex claims procedures and deadlines regarding mechanics’ liens and bond claims.

Your practice work experience also includes,  the collection of unpaid accounts, prosecution of violations of the Prompt Pay and Trust Fund acts, and suits to collect unpaid subcontract/contract balances, extra work and change orders, and to collect on lien and bond claims including:

  • Mechanics and materialmans’ liens;
  • Payment bond claims;
  • Payment disputes and collection of unpaid contract/subcontract balances and accounts;
  • Suit to foreclose lien claims;
  • Suit on payment bond claims;
  • Claims under the Prompt Payment Acts and Construction Trust Fund.

As a seasoned litigator, with both the skill and experience to handle all forms of construction disputes. You will regularly handle litigation in both County and Magistrates Court, as well as arbitration.

You will understand the more complex nature of construction disputes and the relationships between the multiple parties involved.

Always paying high levels of attention to the important interests of your clients in regard to.

  • Defect claims;
  • Delay claims;
  • Differing site conditions;
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Litigation concerning interference impacts, extra work, breach and warranty;
  • Defense of professional negligence claims involving engineers, architects and lawyers.

As a keen lawyer, you are well-versed in all aspects and operations of the construction industry.

You are very knowledgable when providing business and corporate services that are tailored to the needs of your client contractors and suppliers.

You will have the legal expertise to provide the guidance and advice necessary, to maintain the success in all expanding clients’ construction business operations.

This vital work involves:

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts, subcontracts and purchase orders;
  • Bid preparation and protests;
  • Corporate formation and liability protection issues;
  • UKBR contract compliance.

You will be very capable in assisting clients in managing the numerous risks, rights, responsibilities and procedures.  That are unique to sustainable construction projects, that require LEED certification or other Green Building Credentials.

Your legal work practice includes reviewing and modifying contracts to establish and clarify roles. You are familiar with responsibilities and procedures for Green Building Projects – GBP’s.

These GBP’s maximise successful delivery of the green building objectives.  While mitigating the risks of contractual disputes and litigation, as well as representing general contractors, subcontractors, owners and design professionals involved in disputes and litigation, related to Green Building matters.

Work experiece will include:

  • Preparing contracts;
  • Reviewing and modifying contracts;
  • Representation in litigation arising from;
  • Failure to obtain certification;
  • Energy performance;
  • Certification challenges;
  • Costs and subsequent nonpayment to General Contractors and Subcontractors.

Please apply for these career opportunities, if you are an ambiutious lawyer or you are looking for that elusive Designate Partner or new Partner opportunity.

Please make contact with:

Jonny Scott-Slater or Ashley Armstrong;

Telephone – 01872 274227;

Mail/CV – cornishexecutive@aol.com

Confidentiality will be assured at all times.

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