Title Employment Lawyer 3/6 PQE or Partner.
Salary 60-150K+
Location Cornwall – Devon
Job Information

Employment Lawyer
South West UK
3/6 PQE

Possible Partner

We are seeking to find an Employment Lawyer to advise clients of all sizes and sorts, from tiny start-ups to listed companies, government agencies and multimillion turnover international corporate entities. You will be assisting and managing employers anticipate, manage, and resolve workplace issues.

Roles & Responsibilities
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Drafting and preparing claims, employment contracts, or other legal documentation;
Providing legal advice to clients;
Negotiating on behalf of clients;
Representing clients in court/tribunal hearings;
Working in the best interests of employers and employees;
Keeping up to date with new developments in employment legislation;
Clearly understand client requirements and confidently provide practical answers both verbally and in written form to problems whilst ensuring best practice and technical accuracy at all times.

About you
Three plus years, possible Partner experience from a reputable legal environment specialising in employment law;
Attentive: Brilliant attention to detail, nothing ever slips through the cracks.

Efficient: Prioritises effectively, focuses on what matters; delivers on time;
Commercial: Has business acumen, practical, pragmatic and cares about the growth;
Autonomous: Likes help, but doesn’t need too much of it, owns their work and is capable of working independently, loves responsibility and working directly with clients;
Collaborative: Gets a kick out of working with smart, fun, and passionate people and learning from them;
Adaptable: Grasps new concepts quickly, rolls with the punches; improves every day;
Always positive: Loves assisting clients and creating an amazing client experience.

Joey Polperro, Zena Zennor or Ashley Armstrong LLM