Title Company & Commercial Lawyer
Salary 40/75K +Bonus.
Location Central London, Exeter, Bristol, Cornwall
Job Information

Commercial Lawyer, Senior Associate, 3/10 PQE+, 40/75K + Bonus

  • Central London
  • Exeter
  • Bristol
  • Cornwall

Our client a dynamic and growing law firm are seeking to appoint an ambitious commercial lawyer that has ambitions of becoming a Partner in the medium term future.

Our ideal candidate will have the following experience:

  • Advising clients regarding all of their legal matters and referring to other in-house legal transactioners;
  • Review all business documentation;
  • reviewing files briefs and other legal documents;
  • Negotiates business agreements, such as contracts;
  • Assist business in understanding business laws in relation to:  Licensing, security, taxes, bankruptcy, employment and other technical issues;
  • Possibly be able to represent clients in criminal and civil courts, but this is not mandatory;
  • Be able to guide company executives with legal proceedings, when required;
  • Strong negotiation skills;
  • Advising skills;
  • Reading comprehension skills;
  • Writing skills;
  • Decision-making skills;
  • Judgment skills;
  • Critical thinking skills;
  • Active listening skills;
  • Oral comprehension skills;
  • Problem sensitivity skills;
  • Oral expression skills;
  • Complex Mergers and aquasitions;
  • Complex joint ventures agreements;
  • Business formations;
  • Re-structure business;
  • Assist with white collar crime investigations.

We are seeking to find a Commercial lawyer who can deal with issues pertaining to all complex business transactions. This will include:

  • Drafting client agreements;
  • Negotiate employment contracts or write purchase agreements;
  • Establishing or dissolving a business;
  • Merging two businesses;
  • Creating sales contracts;
  • Establishing non-compete clauses;
  • Changing a business’s organisational structure;
  • Our candidate lawyer to have a good base of contacts with other commercial lawyers and heads of companies;
  • Able to collaborate with other contacts or in-house lawyers, clients or government agencies to execute documentation and complete transactions.
  • Have good experience in engaging in multi-faceted negotiations on behalf established clients.

Our smart and ambitious business lawyers must have experience in:

  • Interpret laws, rulings and regulations;
  • Examine legal data to determine advisability;
  • Negotiate settlements regarding civil disputes;
  • Conduct legal hearings and mediations;
  • Decide causes of legal action and possibly refer to another in-house expert;
  • Use knowledge of legal procedural rules;
  • Use public speaking techniques;
  • Follow copyright laws;
  • Apply court rules or strategy;
  • Search legal records;
  • Review civil rights laws;
  • Use knowledge of the judicial system;
  • Follow confidentiality procedures.

Our successful lawyer client must also use their knowledge of relevant laws, use the library or the Internet for research, use conflict resolution techniques and explain government, commercial laws or regulations to third parties and clients.

Our commercial and corporate business lawyer should be familiar with:

  • Modern business transactions and corporate issues;
  • Contract administration, including compliance instrument drafting, contract negotiation, strategy development, and analytical processes;
  • Ideally our client  must also have general knowledge of:
  • Lender liability;
  • Trading practices;
  • e/i-commerce and fraud;
  • Contract breach and statutory violations;
  • Some knowledge of employment law, criminal law, cyber law and contract law.

Expect to travel for meetings, to gather evidence and work to a structured schedule. You may have to work irregular hours when conducting research, preparing briefs or meeting with clients.

For further information please telephone 01872 274227

Speak to Jonny Scott-Slater or Joey Polperro

Mail your CV 2 – cornishexecutive@aol.com

Discretion is always assured.