Title Recruitment Consultant – Manager – Designate Partner; Port Robin, Jamaica, Caribbean.
Salary To be discussed at meeting.
Location Jamaica, Port Robin
Job Information

Recruitment Consultant – Manager – Designate Partner;

Global Location: The Caribbean, Jamaica, Port Robin.

Languages Required: English, Spanish and or German.

Client following/geographical economic awareness;

  • South America;
  • The Caribbean Islands;
  • Bahamas;
  • Cayman Islands.

Specialisms: Law, Accountancy, Medicine, Engineering, Commerce, Industry, Hotels and Facilities Management.

Salary: You should currently be earning in excess of US$ 120K+

Be seeking a buy-in/stock option opportunity.

DCERsearch is opening an office based in Jamaica, Port Robin.  From this location we will be  covering:  The Caribbean Islands, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, South America including Panama.

We are currently looking for a seasoned recruitment consultant to head/mentor this new business.  Ideally you should be currently trading this geographical region and have expertise in one of the specialisms listed above.

You should consider yourself to be an expert in all recruitment mechanisms and be able to work at most levels. From Port Robin, based in Jamaica, our operations will expand into the mentioned geographical zones.  You will have the capability and drive to really push this programme to the ultimate limits.

Our new recruit will be an expert in: Marketing, sales, business, recruitment and should have a specialist professional background.

We are also looking to recruit an assistant to the Mentor.  For this position, a general recruitment back-ground will be required, accompanied by a steady progressive and productive track record.

To apply for this position please send your CV and JPEG photo to DCERseach@aol.com  we will respond to all candidates within 48 hours.