Title International Property & Commercial/Business Lawyer, Client/Saudi Sheikh, Dubai UAE and Kuwait.
Salary Negotiable paid in US$
Location Dubai UAE & Kuwait
Job Information

Commercial Business Lawyer, Dubai UAE and Kuwait; 

Personal Assistant to a  Saudi Sheikh;  

Salary Negotiable.

Villa accomadation and travel access will be provided, flying Emerates Business Class.

DCER International Group has been soley retained to find a Company & Commercial Lawyer to work as Personal Assitant to our client a Saudi Sheik.

Legal work will include general property transactions, both domestic UAE and International projects.  Additionally company and commercial work, consulting and advising re: transactions and opportunities in the business portfolio.

Representing the Sheikh at all business meetings; Our lawyer candidate will be expected to provide expert legal support and advice to our client on a variety of business and personal issues as described.

Our lawyer will action instructions from our client and advise on necessary courses of legal action when required.

Our client is a Saudi Sheikh he has extensive family and business interests based in Dubai UAE, Kuwait, USA, South America, Asia and Europe.

We are seeking wide-ranging legal expertise from our lawyer candidate client.  They will be able to advise on the following range of issues, including:

  • Property – Buying and selling residential, commercial and international property. Landlord & tenant agreements, wills – probate, personal injury and criminal litigation –  advisory only.
  • Commercial work – Establishment of new business enterprises. Advising on complex corporate transactions (including mergers and acquisitions) and business-related disputes.
  • Protecting the rights of Family and business associates.
  • Medical Insurance liabilities for family and business associates.

Work will consist of the following:

  • Meeting and interviewing our client’s family & business associates to establish the suitability to provide the necessary advice and services, based on the requirement and specialism;
  • Taking our client’s instructions;
  • Advising our client on the law and legal issues relating to their case;
  • Drafting documents, letters and contracts tailored to our client’s individual needs;
  • Negotiating our clients and other professionals to secure agreed objectives;
  • Researching and analysing documents and case law to ensure the accuracy of advice and procedure;
  • Supervising the implementation of agreements;
  • Coordinating the work of all parties involved;
  • Corresponding with our client, his family and all associates and opposing lawers;
  • Attending meetings and negotiations with opposing parties based in Saudi or at any global location required;
  • Acting on behalf of our client in disputes and representing them in the courts, if necessary;
  • Instructing barristers or specialist advocates to appear in court for the client in complex disputes;
  • Preparing papers for court;
  • Working  as team leader if required directing and advising Counsel;
  • Managing and delegating work to paralegals and legal secretary as appropriate;
  • Arranging and attending further client meetings where necessary to progress with the case and finalise documentation;
  • Checking all documentation prior to signing and implementing;
  • Calculating claims for damages, compensation, maintenance, etc.;
  • Administrative duties, for example completing time sheets of employees and contractors  so that charges for work can be calculated, billing clients for work done on their behalf;
  • Taking referrals from associates, family members  when a conflict of interest arises, or if they have no specialist practitioner available;
  • Keeping up to date with changes and developments in the law by reading journals and law reports;
  • Company and Commercial work will focus on the Sheikh’s business interests. This work will involve engagement in transactional work and may include working with a litigation specialist;
  • Transactional work will be to advise our client on legal issues related to business transactions including – drafting, negotiating and executing contracts.
  • Transactional commercial work will also include giving advice to our client regarding their legal business rights and obligations.
  • You may have to work/manage with a litigator who specialises in commercial matters and engage in commercial litigation operations.
  • The Litigator will represent and advocate for our client in judicial proceedings.
  • The commercial litigatorswill represent our client in actions such as suing another individual or company.
  • The commercial litigator will also defend our client against any other party.
  • Applicant Lawyers are invited to apply for this job on a world-wide basis.

For further details of this opportunity please contact – Jonny Scott Slater, Zenor Zennor or Ashley Armstrong.


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