Title Children Lawyer
Location Cornwall Devon
Job Information

Children Lawyer;
Team Player;
Cornwall Devon;
Busy Demanding Caseload;
Specialist Law Firm;
Specialist Lawyer Required;
Children/Domestic Abuse and Abduction Team;
38K Maybe more, depending on your PQE and experience.


The Law Firm Client:
A specialist law firm catering purely for Family cases.

What we are seeking to find:
A specialist lawyer who is passionate about this particular legal service.

Positive factors to take into account:
Our client is situated in a wonderful location, close to the coast. They have a great business and are always busy. It’s a nice team to work in, friendly and supportive, all lawyers have a common goal – Protection.


Job Specification:

• Provide advice and representation across the board as required to Private Client’s and Social Services Client Department. Management a range of Public and Private Law Children Act Proceedings including Emergency Protection Orders, Care Proceedings, Secure Accommodation Proceedings, Placement Order applications and contact/ residence disputes.
• You will conduct own advocacy at all hearings in Magistrates and County Court on a weekly basis, including case management hearings and contested hearings both at interim and final stage of proceedings. We are looking for experienced in witness handling at court. You will have worked alongside counsel on appeal hearings to prepare relevant documentation.
• Experience gained in oral and written advice given on wide range of cases both pre proceedings and during, including drug and alcohol abuse, sexual harm, non-accidental injury, mental health and capacity issues, emotional harm and neglect.
• Experience gained in evidence gathering and case planning required pre proceedings to consider the case of the authority and the evidence required to support it. You should have ongoing analysis of evidence as proceedings progress and advice as to the appropriate care plans in light of evidential position and best interests of child/ren.
• Experience in writing and administering lengthy advice documents provided on a weekly basis to relevant parties, including detailed advice on unaccompanied minors to the whole county and advice to Adoption Panel.
• Provide critique and legal advice provided as to experts’ reports within proceedings. Attendance at experts’ meetings where discussion and further questioning of experts regarding reports. Requires understanding and knowledge of the expert’s field, which includes Psychiatry, Psychology, Independent Social Work, medical experts regarding non accidental injuries and other medical issues.
• Attendance and advice at all statutory meetings required, including Child Protection Conferences, PLO Meetings, Care Planning Meetings, Decision Making Conferences and other meetings within the authority as required.
• Direct involvement with vulnerable young people and adults during pre-proceedings stage where required to explain clearly the concerns of the local authority and the legal process underway.
• Daily correspondence/negotiations with other parties; required to build effective working relationships with other legal representatives despite opposing positions.
• Drafting of all court required documentation, including skeleton arguments with case law, case summary documents, draft orders, statements of facts, position statements and all documentation required under the PLO. Lengthy and detailed advice /amendments provided in relation to draft social work statements.
• Notable cases experience, these will be discussed at your law firm interview.


To apply for this role contact – Ashley Armstrong LLB or Jonny Scott-Slater
Telephone – 01872 274227 – 07724760904 – 07490445449
CV2 talentedlawyers@aol.com
Confidentiality will be assured at all times.