Title IP Lawyer Senior Associate
Salary 70/150K
Location Exeter, Devon.
Job Information

IP Lawyer
Senior Associate

Our client law firm situated in Exeter, Devon are seeking to appoint two IP lawyers. An Associate, secondly a Senior Associate.

The latter appointment will have management capability/experience and will be appointed for an on-track Partner succession opportunity.

We are seeking to find;

In both instances we are seeking to appoint fee earners with the following IP legal expertise and knowledge.

• Draft SEC filings;
• Design and implemented tax strategies;
• Draft licensing and distribution agreements for trademarks, patents and copyrighted content;
• Advise on IP litigation and settlement issues;
• Draft and negotiate commercial contracts
• Draft and negotiate IT Systems, services and software contracts;
• Advise on Data Protection issues, strategy and breaches;
• Branding: Draft and negotiate branding;
• Advise on branding strategies;
• Draft trademark and domain name guidelines;
• Assist with budgets and planning;
• Assist the Mobile, Business and Platform Business Unit with IP related queries;
• Draft and negotiating commercial contracts;
• Draft and negotiating licensing and technology agreements;
• Draft and dealing with SEC filings, export control, privacy, data protection and other compliance related issues;
• Prosecute, defend, organise, expand and maintain worldwide patent, trademark and domain name portfolios;
• Identification, acquisition, protection and management of client IP assets;
• Perform Freedom to Operate and trademark searches to avoid infringements of third-party IP assets;
• Design and Implement tax strategies and re-structuring IP portfolio;
• Prosecution, enforcement and management of patents and domain name portfolios;
• Drafting patent applications and trademark oppositions;
• Develop IP protection and expansion strategies for patent and trademark portfolios worldwide;
• Assist in leading litigation on all IP infringement matters;
• Dealing with patent, trademark, open source and licensing disputes;
• Advise on legal aspects of M&A transactions;
• Assist with legal budgeting for IP.

Jonny Scott-Slater, Zenor Zenner, Karen Palmer, Joey Polperro or Ashley Armstrong
01872 274227 – 07724760904
CV2 – talentedlawyers@aol.com
Confidentiality is always assured
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