Title Derivatives Broker/Sales Professional
Salary 100K+
Location Cornwall Devon
Job Information

Derivatives Broker/Sales Professional
100K OTE
Good Basic Salary
• CSI4/5
• Series 7 GSRE
• CISI Level 4
• CISI Level 4
• SWUK based – Devon Cornwall
• Ideal relocation job from the City to the West Country

Our client a SWUK trading/broking/stockbroking house seek to appoint 3 traders and three sales professions transacting derivatives to both retail private clients and institutions.

The term “derivative” covers a lot of territory. Technically, derivatives get their name because they derive their value from the instrument on which they are based. They include swaps, futures and options. This market was estimated to be about $1.2 quadrillion as of September 2012, providing a range of opportunity for finance professionals.

Equity derivatives are often associated with futures contracts on various indexes such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE (U.K.), CAC (France) or DAX (Germany). Debt/interest rate derivatives would be the Treasury complex on the Chicago Board of Trade or Treasury bills, eurodollars and interest rate swaps on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Contracts for interest rate swaps and credit derivatives are also traded over-the-counter in a dealer market.

Foreign exchange derivatives are often the most popular trading opportunities and, as stated above, can be traded either in futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or over-the-counter in a dealer market. Physical commodities derivatives are most often agricultural futures contracts and most recently energy futures contracts. Option contracts are traded on everything you can imagine from cash stocks to futures contracts.

To apply for this position please contact: Jonny Scott-Slater or Ashley Armstrong;
Telephone: – 01872 274227;
CV-2 – cornishexecutive@aol.com
Meetings will be conducted by Skype or F2F
Confidentiality will be assured at all times.