Title Financial Advisors-Planners, x12. 70K + Commission & Car.
Location United Kingdom
Job Information

Financial Consultants – Planners, CFP Level 4.  70K + Commission & Car.

12 Required.

Our client, a successful Wealth Management firm are seeking to appoint 12 Financial Consultants to work various UK territories.

Our Wealth Management client has access to established high-net-worth client leads that are ready and waiting for consultation.

We are seeking to find professional financial advisors, who can offer expert advice on suitable mortgages, loans, investments, insurance, tax and private pension opportunities.

Financial consultants who can provide a proffessional, highly knowledgeable, tax efficient valuable range of services for their private clients and introduced corporate companies, based throughout the UK.

Our ideal financial advisor candidate client will be able to provide their customers with accurate information, cleverly researched deals and astute financial opportunities.

A background in the profession or a related industry as well as AIFA/FSA/CFP level 4 certification in financial planning is mandatory for our candidate clients.

Our ideal professional financial consultants-planner candidates need to be self-motivated, numeric, possess outstanding personality latch-on communication skills, be negotiation sharp and possess focused organisational administrative skills. Familiarity with data input and Microsoft packages is very essential.

Understanding fiscal issues and being able to provide professional guidance and valuable knowledge for your clients is extremely important.

These two prime factors alone could be considered vital key components for your success in this wide-ranging, technical, financial advisory role.

Our ideal candidate must have experience in:

  • Research;
  • Analytics;
  • Forecasting;
  • Possess technical financial sales experience of financial products;
  • Be able to develop strategies;
  • Prepare reports and perform many other fiscal related activities.

Having certifications or being a part of a professional association is essential.  Especially being a member of the Society for Financial Advisors (MSFA) or having a Certificate in Financial Planning level 4 (CFP).

Professionals who have many years of service in the financial industry or an excellent record of accomplishment are ideally what we are seeking.

The ideal financial consultant candidate will be quick to gain their clients’ trust, using their expert advice based on what the financial contract market has to offer.

Our Financial Advisor candidate will have thorough experience of the following tasks:

  • Performing in-depth analysis;
  • Meeting client requirements;
  • Developing fiscal measures;
  • Advising clients;
  • Researching information related to financial products;
  • Selling financial products;
  • Negotiating sales targets;
  • Communicating with financial services providers;
  • Following market trends;
  • Reporting on fiscal matters;
  • Analytical thinking;
  • Being committed and honest;
  • Delivery quality advice;
  • Being flexible;
  • Being resilient;
  • Being self motivated;
  • Being conscientious;
  • Proficient in using technology and telecommunication devices;
  • Assessing risks;
  • Managing people;
  • Self development;
  • Being able to communicate proficiently.

If you wish to work for a premier UK Wealth Advisory firm, that can deliver those sought after golden-leads.

Contact either

Jonny Scott Slater

Ashley Armstrong, for further details.

Telephone 01872 274227

Mail – post@cornwallexecuitve.co.uk only.