Title Crime Lawyer, HCA, Duty Accreditation
Job Information

Crime Lawyer – Duty Accreditation – Higher Courts Advocate (HCA),   40-70K.

Possible Partner Designate, Opportunity.

Our client seeks to appoint a Crime Lawyer, HCA with police station duty accreditation. Experience gained in both Crown and Magistrate’s courts would be ideal.  A successful track record regarding court advocacy and case defence would also be highly desirable.

Future Partner prospects could be available with this appointment and the chance to assist with the development of the law firm.  LSA Franchises in Family, Litigation and Private Client are all part of our client’s law firm business portfolio.

The job involves providing the best possible representation for the client in the court of law.  When working on a case our chosen candidate/crime lawyer must ensure that the defendant’s constitutional rights are protected.

A precise explanation of what charges the defendant has been accused of must be made clear.  Our criminal defence lawyer must prepare the defendants case by gathering all possible information.  Including all evidence, key witnesses, general witnesses and all legal circumstances to the supposed crime, incident or accident.

Whilst the court is in session, you will be responsible for examining and cross-examining witnesses as well as summarising to the jury.  You must show sympathy to the accused and instruct the accused on how to conduct themselves during court.  How to cope with the pressures, how to act whilst under interrogation and also what possible outcomes to expect when the case has come to conclusion.  Preparation of the defendant for sentencing as well as probation or parole will also come into account and is an integral part of the job.  Experience in negotiating with the prosecutors to reduce or drop certain charges are certainly important too.

Our client’s law firm is in a beautiful part of the county, housing and local schools and colleges are of a very high standard, with gleaming reports from OFSTEAD.     The law firm is located near many tourist spots of outstanding beauty.   Including harbours, marinas and historic fishing villages.  Sports such as – sailing, kayaking, diving, cricket, rugby, surfing, wind/kite surfing and tennis are easily accessible with country-club style facilities.

On the door-step of our client’s office is sited a highly acclaimed professional golf course.

Additionally there are other recognised National Trust treasures and points of interest located in this part of our county.

This is an ideal job for someone looking to successfully relocate to the county of Cornwall from a city environment.

For further details please contact either Jonny Scott Slater or Ashley Armstrong –

Telephone – 01872 274227 – Email,post@cornwallexecutive.co.uk